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Zarchiver Apk is an app for managing all the compressed (Archive) files on your Android device conveniently. Most people who are working with Android smartphones will come across compressed files or zip files eventually. But there is no default app to work with then in the OS so far. So as a solution for that Zarchiver Apk come to the fore to help users with archive management. Anyone can download this app for free without spending a dime.

What is Zarchiver Apk?

If you want to extract a compressed file or create one, then this is the perfect Android application that you can choose. As this is available on the market for free you can easily download it to your device without any hassle. Zarchiver Apk gives you the ability to create, extract, look inside of an Archived file in the device memory or external memory of your Android device. Fortunately, this app can work with lots of Archive file formats or extensions without a problem. So if you are a person that needs to work on compressed documents on your Android device, then try this amazing app.


  • Ability to create all 7Z, zip, bzip, zst, and many more archive file types via the app.
  • Ability to decompress archive file types like zip, rar, zx, zcip, arj, and more.
  • Users can view without decompressing archived files with any file extension. Some rare file types like egg, alz, cpio, dmg etc.
  • Create compressed files with passwords and the ability to decompress any of them.
  • Zarchiver Apk can add or remove files from the compressed files without decompressing.
  • Users can partially decompress archives.
  • The ability to open compressed files from mail applications.
  • Can extract split compressed archives like rar01 rar02 raro3 etc.

How to Download Zarchiver Apk

Downloading Zarchiver Apk for Android is very simple. As it is mentioned before this is a free app that can install on your Android device easily. But there is a premium app called Zarchiver Apk Donate. This is consisting of premium features. If you don’t need many features, then you can use the free version but it has lots of amazing features too.

  1. So as the first step you must use the Zarchiver Apk Download link from this article and get the Apk file.
  2. After the download completes you can open the APK file by tapping it once.
  3. Next, install it using the usual package installer and wait for the installation completes.
  4. Then go to the app drawer and find Zarchiver Apk and enjoy archive managing on Android.

How to Use Zarchiver Apk

At first, you need to finish with the installation and open the app. Then you will come to a file manager type screen and you can browse through this file manager and find any archived file on your device. Select an archived file and you will have a set of tools to work with. You use them to fulfill your work. After you are done you can close the app.

Safety and Legality

ZArchiver Apk is from app developing company called ZDevs. Also, this app is available on the Play Store. So the users can keep their trust in this app. There are no malware or any security breaches on this app so far. Also, you can use this app in any region that you are in.

Final Words

In conclusion, Zarchiver Apk is the best archive management tool that you can download for free.