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My Professional Expertise

I started my career as a Junior Architect in SA Architecture Consultant at Chennai for the period of 1 year. During which I was involved in all kind of Architectural Designing and Project Management works along with all client and vendor interactions. This made me gain confidence over my specialization in Residential architecture and Commercial & Hotel Interiors.

As i found my interest towards Real Estate and Urban Studies, I have undergone post-graduation in Urban Planning from National Institute of technology - Nagpur for the period of two years. During which to gain knowledge and experience, I took an Internship in Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) Mumbai under Strategic Consultant wing. At JLL. I was also involved in report of JLL "Liveability quotient: A paradigm shift in India’s emerging cities" - which examines within India’s Emerging Cities and Satellite towns, in which it compares settlements of different nature and scales based on Liveability parameters to rate, understand and to create the most sustainable living spaces and cities of the future. 

Back at my Urban Planning research, I worked towards understanding the role of Floor Space Index (FSI) in defining Urban Form and Economics in my dissertation and it went on to my  Planning Thesis as  - "Understanding city FSI through Real Estate Economics - In Case of Chennai (TamilNadu, India)". This not just lead to the importance of addressing Urbanisation at Tier-II cities but also to a fair understanding of magnitude of housing demand and potential of towns adjacent to cities and how those demands can be met with altering the current building regulations through a scientific methodology and also study how cities can optimise their land and financial resources to keep its economy competitiveness.