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Leading the team at DNI-Global; DNI-Global, also addressed as DNI-Water by many of our clients and industry friends, only because; what we do is all about water. We at DNI are not only focused on current drinking, industrial and whole house water treatment need but, we are also working on enhancement of current technologies toward development of Desalination and drinking water source plus treatment, systems and technologies. Our technology of water treatment for drinking with emphasis on least water wasted during the process towards achieving the drinking water from any of the water sources. Drinking water technology is not only focused on treatment but also on remote monitoring for business purpose, we have very efficient water vending and vending monitoring, back to base communicating technology. It allows the water vending, retailing and portability at far fetch locations with centralized data management to have complete accountability and analysis. Why DNI-Global, India; 1. Who is DNI-Global? a. We are a technology driven, quality conscious water-treatment and water technology-company, our focus areas are drinking water, water vending, water portability and similar technologies for current and future water requirements. 2. What we do at DNI-Global? a. Water Vending Machine (WVM), with operator IRCTC Model; b. Water Vending Machine, without operator; c. Portable Battery-Cart Water Vending Machine; d. Design, Manufacture, Install, Operate and Maintain following equipment’s; e. Industrial RO (Reverse Osmosis) Plants 200 LPH to 200,000 LPH and anymore multiple; f. BWRO Plants (Brackish Water); g. Desalination Plant (for Sea water); h. Mobile Desalination Plant (for sea Water); i. Pretreatment system for Desalination Plant (for sea Water); j. Portable Disaster relief RO Plant in a container; k. Domestic, LAVO Automatic Water Softener; l. Industrial customized Automatic Water Softener. 3. Our Journey…. a. Starting from distribution of purification products of 3M to becoming a strong manufacturing base organization journey of DNI-Global is full of learning and inspiration for many; we have learnt the trade in hard way, by being on fore front of manufacturing and implementation. We now design, manufacture and maintain all our products all across India and south East Asia with our technology partners.