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Rising energy costs and green legislations for environmental conservation are
changing the demands on built environments. New buildings and renovations
strive to offer flexible indoor spaces that reduce the environmental impact of
construction and building operations.
Tankaria Access Floor systems provide an effective solution to these new
demands while delivering high performance benefits in improving the indoor
environment and providing sustainable returns by reduction in energy
consumption and material use, and at the same time proving to be cost effective to traditional construction. As a direct result, raised floors with underfloor service distribution have become standard solutions in commercial construction today.
At Tankaria, we diligently assist developers and clients with advice on Access
Floors that cover initial inquiry to specifications building, budgeting, supply,
installation and maintenance.
Tankaria access floors and under structure systems cater to a wide range of building applications, from offices to computer and power utility rooms, to laboratories, and beyond. These finish options give architects and designers practically unlimited freedom to create a look that is unique and co-ordinated to their project, while maintaining the versatility and convenience of an access floor system. Tankaria access floor finish options are virtually limitless.