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We are a Technology Services company with focus on HealthCare Applications, namely, 

A. SEHATAK HIMS (Hospital Information Management Software) with over 42 modules

B. FOLIO (one of a kind Campus Management Solution for Medical Universities and Hospitals)

C. Call Centre Services for Hospitals offering end to end Solutions in over 8 languages including Arabic, Tagalog, Malayalam,Hindi and other languages

D. RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) Services covering Medical Billing, Coding, Accounts Payables/Receivables, Reconciliation services and
E. RIEAYA – Insurance & TPA Management System Provides end to end automation of Insurance TPA management & helps our customers in managing benefit costs, With a    very high degree of automation, our customers are not only in the position to diligently settle payments to their providers, but tightly manage benefit utilization without     compromising on accuracy and consistency.