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Smart Project/Programme managemment Professonal

Over 25 years of PMO expertise and experience in the areas of Renewable energy (RE), Telecommunications-wire line, wireless, broadband and smart infrastructure – planning, site engineering, implementation & maintenance, managed services & operations. Deployed large scale green field projects with PAN India foot print, applied innovative techniques Implemented more than
25000 sites /nodes
• Played major role in integration of Telecom IP networks during merger transitions. Setup circle/state level network monitoring centers- Network /Tower Operating Center NOC/TOC) for active and passive infrastructure
• Versatile technology exposure (active and passive components) from IoT to diesel generator
• Multi geography delivery capability: Deep rural village to Urban demography –Project /Program Management
• Contributed India’s rapid / phenomenal growth in Tele density from the journey of 3 telephones per 100 people to more phones than population.
• Created India’s first private sector landline network, high altitude wireless broadband
• Implemented India’s first village wireless, 2G, CDMA- wireless local loop, wire line broadband, limited mobility WiMax networks
• Developed delivery eco system in tough terrains like north eastern states and international border geography. Established SPV/partnerships/alliances comprising OEMs and system integrators
• Achieved excellence in Telecom Infrastructure operations with Industry best KPIs
• Innovated technological advancements for reduction of delivery cycle, site engineering
• End to end system integration, broad spectrum capability, presales and post sales
• Set up network operating center for Motorola, the first outside USA.
• Last mile specialist- connected no of CSCs for e Governance platform& SMEs(wireless/fibre/copper/Ethernet)
• Established first WiMax CoE
• Trained by Motorola, Alcatel Lucent, Nokia Siemens, Alvarion/ Telrad, Emerson, GE, Hughes
• Facilitated skill development to more than 10000 personnel at various levels in field operations
• Member of IEEE, IE, IETE, ISOC, PMI
• Passionate for uplifting rural socio-economic environment though enabling technology access

Project Name: 1) Enabling energy access- Implementation pilots at hamlets( not having census ID) –CSR project by a Singapore bank.
Project Name (Completed): 2) CSR Project Management Consulting of Micro renewable energy grids and eSchool development in Uttar Pradesh under Project Samuday, Sponsored by HCL Foundation-180 villages
Client: HCL Foundation and UP Government, District Hardoi, UP
Microgrids project consulting covering village surveys, data collation, design of microgrids, EPC vendor management, project management, laying roadmap for O&M, ICT/IoT Smart grid evolution & Integration
Project Name: 3) Smart Villages development
Supporting presales comprising automated village surveys, data analysis, emerging access technologies like IoT evaluation, energy enabling solutioning, sustainable eco system for operations.
Done PoCs
Project Name (Completed): 4) District energy plan
Client: OREDA, Ministry of S&T, Odisha
Executed extensive project plan to cover energy starving areas in 5 districts with RE intervention at Govt
locations. The objective is to switch between grid and solar energy at state Govt establishments
Project Name: 5) Micro economic zone (MEZ) development, Jharkhand
Executed MOU with Jharkhand Govt for MEZ establishment at Dumaria, East Singhbum under CMSGY
Project Name: 6) RE prediction tools evaluation- Solar, Wind, Wave, Hydro
Client: DFID- India//UK
Study on various tools available with relevant Global solution providers. Objective is to address Indian RE market with added Intelligence

1. Travelled across rural India, deployed village/panchayat wireless systems under village public
telephone scheme
2. Deployed 2G mobile Infrastructure in rural
3. Implemented energy saving measures at no/poor grid locations for telecommunications sector
4. Rolled out wireless (WiMax) technology for village internet access
5. Conducted many pilots in rural areas for technology access
6. Innovated location specific site infrastructure engineering
7. Created supply chain eco system for sustainable operations
8. Collaborated for automizing work flow systems
9. Achieved excellence in remote management

Project Name: 2G/3G/4G(LTE)/ Wi-Fi/WiMax managed services in India
Client: Telecom OEMs and BSNL
Managed Telco’s networks through Ericsson.
Delivered large rural limited mobility WiMax (IEEE 16e) in Odisha, HP, J&K, North East states and Chennai rural circle. Established delivery eco system for commissioning CPEs
Commissioned/ upgraded 45000 sites for 2G/3G/LTE/Wi-Fi networks
Project Name: Telecom Infrastructure built up and operations
Date: Nov 2007 to Apr 2011; Clients: Telcos
Evolved world’s largest Telecom Tower company. Innovated technology solutions for fast track site built up. Formulated Organic and inorganic growth. Released SOPs. Achieved industry best network uptime of 99.99%. Conducted Trials for green energy. Administrated Tower Op center(TOC). Worked closely with KPMG/McKinsey in merger streamlining. Was part of key leadership team in integration of networks during merger transitions

Project Name: Fixed WiMax (IEEE 16d) and Metro Ethernet
Client: Tata Communications- Retail/SME customers
Planned &Implemented India’s first large scale corporate sector wireless broadband and Ethernet last
mile. Augmented and distributed India’s internet bandwidth
Project Name: Wire line broadband/ CDMA Local loop fixed wireless including transmission
Commissioned Motorola wireless local loop on fixed CDMA at MP. Delivered broadband to more than 1000 enterprises in western India predominantly corporate, IT/ITES sectors. Created network capacity to cater 60K customers in Indore region /Mumbai
Project Name: Green field 2G Cellular
Designed site engineering, deployed and maintained one of the first cellular networks in eastern India, first in Odisha with TEC certification.
Project Name: Village Panchayat Wireless Telephones(VPT) – Sam Pitroda dream project-Incubated by C-DOT- Point to Point/Multi point configurations
Client: Department of Telecom(DOT)/ Bharat Sanchar (BSNL)
Tested and deployed over 1500 systems across India, at deep rural villages. Travelled all parts of the country in getting rural wireless phones commissioned along with tower/mast, solar infrastructure