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Treatment. The main points of diabetes treatment can be distinguished, namely: diet, insulin therapy and physical activity. Of course, in the case of combined diseases, it is worth paying attention to their treatment.

Insulin therapy requires a lot of attention from the veterinarian. It is important to explain all the options for this therapy to the owner of the dog, to clarify the correct administration of insulin, and most importantly, to choose the type of insulin that is suitable for these owners and this dog. There is a strategy for choosing insulin for dogs. It is necessary to obtain timely glucose measurements from the owner, as well as an understanding of how the behavior of the animal changes: do the symptoms of polydipsia, polyuria, polyphagia persist, is the dog gaining weight best dog food for diabetic dogs, is there glucose in the urine? Be sure to compile and maintain a diary of glucose measurements.

The insulins themselves are divided by duration of action into short, medium and long-acting. In veterinary medicine, based on the author’s personal experience, short insulins are mainly used in special medical units of large veterinary clinics and centers. But medium or long-acting insulins are prescribed for use at home.