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The Smart City Concept, has been alive from Quite Sometime in the country, through Intelligent Traffic and Transport, Dial 100 and City Surveillance, Municipal e-Governance, etc. The Name " Smart City " provided it a goal and agglomeration of the smart subsystems. Now we know why we are doing it, now we know how different systems need to speak to each other.  I have been a part of the most of this mentioned above, along with GIS.

Currently I am working in ESRI India in Industry team of Smart City. My role is to provide a GIS based solution for Smart Technologies related to Smart City, including Citizen's portal, GIS based Water and Waste Water Management, GIS based Mobility Plan etc.  Prior to this, I was in Vayam Technologies and mainly entrusted with the role of Business Development in Smart Technologies. This is where I got the Opportunity to be part of the System Integration projects of Smart ITS, Dial 100, City Surveillance, Disaster Management, Geospatial Technologies and e-municipality. I have been a part of the Conceptualization also, which help me to understand the core components. In Scicom Technologies Pvt. Ltd. I have been working for Geo-spatial technologies related to Smart Utilities and Got Opportunity to Conceptualize for  Okhlahoma Gas, Scottish Power , Scottish water to name a few. 

I have been fortunate to work on the Planning Components of Urban Planning also. Being the General Secretary of Arc.Peace India, an Indian Sublet of UN recognized NGO for Planners, Architects and Designers aims at Social Development in field of planning.