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Most online marketers may no longer hear the term “Web 2.0″; However, I claim that only Twitter really deserves this name!

To back up this statement, I would like to briefly recall how internet and online marketing ticked before Google and SEO:

If you wanted to get visitors to your website, you could get considerable type-in ​​traffic by choosing a good domain name. In addition to offline marketing, entries in web directories, newsgroups and other links from external sites, the most important sources of visitors were also. There were hardly any advertising spaces and search engines were still struggling with problems with indexing, the sensible sorting of the results, and inflationary excesses of spam. They served the (modem) users only reasonably well to find the manageable number of useful web content.

And what does that have to do with Twitter?

The microblogging service is thefastest growing application on the Internet and the scenario is not that dissimilar to the early “Web 1.0 ″:

There are search engines for Twitter which you may download now, but the deadlines are still more of a niche existence. You can get reach for your own reports, for example, by feeding users “from outside” (~ offline marketing), via re-tweets (~ links) or Twitter groups (~ newsgroups); Even the top lists and directories that were often used in the past exist in the Twitter realm.

Twitter accounts = domains?

The fact that Twitter has quite a lot of type-in ​​traffic because of the simple URLs compared to other social media platforms is becoming increasingly well known - recognizable, among other things, by the fact that even unused profiles diligently collect followers (e.g. IKEA).

"Domain grabbing" has therefore long since reached the twittering country and trading with good profile names can be very lucrative - although Twitter is the owner of all accounts according to the terms and conditions.

TWO - TWitter Optimization

It is also exciting to see how the SEO scene adapts its tactics on Twitter to get more followers (~ a higher PageRank !?) and reach:

While spammers by means of a follower exchange or similar generate mostly useless contacts, the Marcus manages, for example, through informative and amusing tweets about the content-is-king or linkbaiting scam. Thomas regularly places sweepstakes and SEO-United plants trees to get Link's followers. So creativity is also in demand at the "TWO".