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Ms. Priya Kurle is the Assistant Director at The Ohio State University registered office in Mumbai, India known as OSU Global Gateway India Pvt. Ltd. In this role she coordinates Ohio State University collaboration with leading Indian companies, government bodies, NGO’s, Indian Universities & Institutions to develop new research collaborations and tools for improving the sustainability and resilience of enterprises and supply chains. Ms. Kurle has organized several International high profile conferences in India. She serves as senior leadership for the center and directs various projects aligned to India Gateway mission to conduct student’s recruitment, Faculty Engagement, Grant and research work, Conference co-ordination, Industrial tie up and Alumni Engagement. Priya received a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Master of Science in Psychotherapy, MBA in International Business and PHD in Psychology from Mumbai University. She has 10 years of experience in educational research, sustainable smart city planning, counseling, organizing conference, developing and evaluating programs, training staff, and disseminating best practices. Leveraging her expertise in sustainable are she has worked with various research scientists from USA and India for many projects including bodies like the US Consulate, USTDA, USIEF, DBT and many more. Ms. Kurle has taken initiatives to collaborate with the Indian Government to Skill the people in India with the course work methodology developed by The Ohio State University. She is working on the collaboration of the Ohio State Partnership with USAID and State Government on the innovative techniques to develop the smart cities in India. She has also worked on waste management project in Mumbai along with US Consulate.