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Broadcasting & Media Production 
Business Associates for Shoots & Shows

Project Consultant- Indian & International Projects 
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  • We arrange, location, camera, artist, Model, light, and property, in India at a Responsible cost. We can arrange Location scout, film camera, lights, Artist & model, films budgeting, Catering services, founding arrange, Film distributed and promotion, highly Skill crew etc 
  • We can be your local line producer in Agra, Rajasthan, Mumbai, Lucknow, Noida, Gorakhpur, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Punjab etc. 


  • If you searching for your Dream project good line producer you can call any time 24*7 hrs. Other Expenses Total 
    [Production Management Fees ..k/ 
    Service Tax Extra @ 12.36% 
    [Complete NORTH & NORTHEAST India post / pre Line Production ] 
    [Note - if u take our production package then it costs .k per day including all departments permission, production team fee plus 2 spot boys] 
    Our whole management production fees k/per day 
    and if YOU WILL take our production package [including whole department permissions (which require for shoot) + Local Production team fees + 2 spot boys for ur team] ..k/per day