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EMCAS Aesthetic Hospital is a hospital specializing in comprehensive cosmetic and relaxation spas, licensed and operated under the license No. 37 / BYT / GPHD, on the basis of Emcas Plastic Surgery Consulting. In early October 2009, the director of plastic surgery and plastic shaping specialist - Pham Xuan Khiem.
The name of the hospital was inspired by:
EM: Is an intimate call for a wife, girlfriend or is a call for women in general, showing youthfulness, love and respect for women.
CAS: The English acronym Consultant of Aesthetic Surgery means consulting on cosmetic surgery.
Orientation and development
Make beauty so that Vietnamese people can keep their youthful beauty for longer.
Make a woman more charming, natural and confident.
Painless, less invasive beauty, and less foreign objects are the preferred choice.
Always accompany with customers.

Emcas Hospital
Address: 14/27 Hoang Du Khuong, Ward 12, District 10
Hotline: 0989771177 - 0909129698