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Sudong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a commitment to non-carbon brush, DC Brushless Screwdrivers, Sudong Electric Screwdriver, torque tester, Automatic Shutdown Screwdriver, and peripheral products supporting the development, production, and sales in one of the professional high-tech enterprises. ZESTRON is the global market and technology leader for cleaning products and services for high precision cleaning applications. ZESTRON offers the PCB Cleaning Chemicals world-leading cleaning media Since their incorporation in 1975.

Conformal Coating is a protective coating or polymer film 25-75µm thick (50µm typical) that ‘conforms’ to the circuit board topology. Its purpose is to protect electronic circuits from harsh environments that may contain high humidity, a range of airborne contaminants and varying temperatures. Acrylic conformal coating is perhaps the most popular of all conformal coating materials as they are easy to apply and remove, with a wide process window for use. Acrylic coatings dry rapidly, are fungus resistant, and provide long pot life. Additionally, acrylic materials produce little or no heat during the curing process, eliminating potential damage to heat-sensitive components.

The SPS Smart Reflow Profiler stands out as the best and “smartest” temperature profiling data collection system available. The hardware is the best in temperature tolerance design using an LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) enclosure for better protection and faster cool down between profiles. HumiSeal® UV Curable Conformal Coating (UV40) is a single component, high solids, UV curable, acrylate polyurethane conformal coating that possesses excellent chemical resistance, surface hardness, flexibility, and moisture resistance.

Wave Soldering Profilers: Economic wave soldering machine with finger conveyor for boards up to 11.8" (300mm), Self-contained fluxing, preheating, and laminar (smooth) solder wave modules. Optional turbulent (SMT passive) solder wave module available.

Stencil Cleaning Machine

Water Based PCB Cleaning Materials

Humiseal uv40

Humiseal 1B73