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I am keen in domains like Global Smart Cities, Urban Planning, Smart Manufacturing, Digital Transformation Strategy, Emerging Technologies, Infra-ICT-IoT solutions, Electric & Autonomous Vehicles & Smart Mobility.

I have major experiences and exposure in:
- Smart Cities Proposal Writing;
- Digital Solutions in Smart Cities;
- Digital Transformation Strategy;
- Digital Programme Management (Implementation & Analysis);
- Customization of Digital & ICT projects into Smart Cities Projects;
- Bench-marking of Global practices in Smart Cities, strategy and digital-IoT/ICT smart solutions;
- Use of Emerging technologies for Smart Cities- (AI, Blockchain, Drone Technology, 3D & real time GIS)
- Industrie 4.0 strategy and implementation;
- Smart Manufacturing practices for Oil & Petroleum Industries;
- Smart Mobility Strategy;
- Utility Mobility solutions;
- Electric & Autonomous Vehicles Strategy, Policies & implementation;
- Intelligent Transportation Solutions;
- Smart Airport System;
- Utility Asset Management;
- Smart Grid / electric vehicle strategy development and implementation
- Advanced Metering Operations,
- Grid Operations (OMS , DMS, DERMS );
- Energy Management, Building Technologies, Digital Factory, Process Industries and Drives;
- Robotics process Automation (RPA);
- Urban Innovations & Management;
- Re-engineering process;
- Market assessment for smart solutions and multi-sectoral clients;
- Vendor Management;
- Business Development;
- DPR writing;
- RFP/RFI Preparation;
- Transformation Road-map Generation;
- Urban Management;
- Feasibility Studies;
- Contract Management;
- Smart Sustainable Cities Strategy;
- Smart Environment solutions;