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Ways You Can Improve Your Essay Writing

Writing is an important part of one’s education. You start writing essays as early as middle school, and most of you will fail to remember the first essay that you wrote or were tasked with. That is because the essay writing gradually seeps into your academics, starting from when you are either asked to describe things and write narratives to when you are made to analyze objects for their similarities and differences. 

The essay writing gets complex and difficult as you advance into higher classes. Many look for an write my essay service to help them with their essays; these are the students who haven’t worked on improving their essays with their advancing grades. It is acceptable to take help for others for editing and reviewing, but you should be able to write the essay. You should catch on the essay skill requirements for your grade before the gap gets too wide and you are unable to catch on in time, especially during your college education. 

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Getting essay process right 

One of the things that come with practice is getting the essay process right and efficient. Though you might find a process of planning, paragraphing, and polishing the essay that is right for you, there are somethings that all advance essay writing processes have in common:

Scheduling the time so that you spend more time in the review and edit phase rather than writing.

Understanding the essay prompt and noting down each of the guidelines, from format, word limit, to essay specifics.

Getting the essay draft down as early as possible.

Proofreading at the end.

Liberating yourself from the paragraph essay

Many students don’t get away from the tendency to write their essays using the classical essay structure that allows for only three to four body paragraphs. Such essays when tackling advanced and complex essay topics fail to get to the depth of the topic and only touch the surface. The ideas, arguments, and the points that it tackles are usually the salient ones and the essay writer don’t have space or the liberty to come up with incisive critical analysis and evaluations.

Remember, that the classic essay structure was only to allow you to concentrate on your critical and analytical thinking skills while not having to worry about the structure of the essay.

You should instead have as many paragraphs as the points that you have planned to discuss in the essay. Also, if the paragraphs get too long you can split them into various paragraphs to allow for better readability.

Researching Better

Essay research is an important part of the essay process and good researching techniques will help you gather the right content for your essay. To improve the research process and make it better you can:

Start with the databases and online libraries that you are acquainted with already, as this will speed up your process and give you the much-needed momentum.

Research for the background information to understand the topic in-depth and present the context for your reader. The best way to do this is to consult a specialized encyclopedia.

Narrow down the sources before you read the whole. You can do this by reading the abstract or/and the introduction to get an idea about the content of the source.

Read the narrowed down sources using various strategies and techniques such as the SQ3R(Survey, Question, Read, Review, Recall) and questioning the content. It will do you good to increase your reading speed and review the information by skimming through the text.

Take notes either on the source on separate document or paper. Summarizing the papers will give you a better idea of the source content. However, you also have an option to pay for essay online to improve the writing of your essay.