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VYOM DIGITAL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED, thus, has under one roof complete expertise to execute any project in the Digital field.

—Vyom Digital Services is working in the field of Smart Living by Digital Everywhere. Vyom is working to produce smart solutions for smart living with our  latest electronics design solutions with our sister concern Reverent.
—Vyom Digital Services is working in the field of security and safety of Kids ,Women and Employee by IoT and M2M solutions with C-DoT guidelines.
—Vyom Digital is the pioneer in the complete life cycle management for set top boxes in cable TV & D.T.H. We are providing the complete training program to start up the digital start ups in INDIA & Abroad.
—Vyom Digital is providing the after sale & service, digital marketing, sales pitch ,data analysis, QoS audits for Govt. and private firms, e survey & field survey in the field of broadcasting ,telecom and digital.
—Vyom Digital is the only entity providing complete life cycle management service in the field of cable TV , after the different phases of digitization now the age of set top boxes required changes ,challenges  & replacement with HD set top boxes in Urban or semi Urban areas . Now the time have come to provide all digital services in rural and remote areas in India & Asia pacific region.
—Vyom Digital is providing skill development & training programs in Pan India and Abroad to provide platform for start up & creating large number of jobs.