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Dear Sir ,


Greetings from Bantair India !  


As a team we are one of the largest environmental impact creators with technology in India,


With a culture of collaboration, a willingness to adapt and a focus on creating the kind of urban environment where there is zero shortage of water, Bantair India is making a difference through its most innovative green technologies and bridging the gaps between the demand and supply of water. This can happen with global initiative to integrate fresh water conservation techniques and a mechanism to recharge better quality of ground water. For everyone, it might be difficult to lessen the radical demand of water supply, however it’s much easier to conserve, recharge, recycle & reuse fresh water for the future use with green solutions like rain water harvesting, storm water management and underground storage tanks. According to researchers, rain water is the purest form of water and absolutely fresh source of water.


Fresh water is a vital natural resource necessary for the survival of all ecosystems. Chemical contamination of fresh water can also seriously damage eco-systems. For this reason, our fresh water management technologies are best suited as it incorporates elements like filtration unit and geotextile to improve the quality of water that is being recharged through Ecological Channels, Modular Rainwater Harvesting System, Storm water management system, & Pond/Lake Development technologies.


Why Rainfilter™ for Rainwater Harvesting? 


1  High performance aesthetics: Strong Structural design & lightweight.


2  Cost Effective: It saves time and money in installation and less civil works costs in any kind of soil.


3  Smart Utilization of space: Top surface can be used for Parking lots, Gardens, Lawns, Children’s playground, sports fields, etc.


4  Safety first: Completely underground and no easy access to storage space. No risk, even for applications in schools.


5  Water Quality: The surrounding sand and geotextile ensure improved water quality of recharge ground water through Rainfilter™. 


6  Low Maintenance: Easy to maintain unlike other conventional rain water harvesting systems.


7  Environmental Friendly: Its is made of 100% recycled Polypropylene.


8  Future Benefits: It increases the value of the property and protects it from flash flooding and water shortage problems as the mains water dependence is significantly reduced after Rainfilter™ installation.

Looking Foreword for your Positive response.