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How To Prepare Quick Travel Sewing Kit

What if you are traveling somewhere and in the middle of the somewhere you need a sewing kit for repairing the button or snagged thread in your dress? Well, in this case, you must have a sewing kit but how you are supposed to handle a big bag of sewing kit along with your luggage? Nothing is impossible and now you can prepare your own small sewing kit for the traveling purpose.

Of course, during the traveling, you don’t have to sew the whole dress so you don’t need so many things in your sewing box. You can prepare a sewing box in any small box even you can create a sewing kit in a small glasses cover. You need few things to build your own little sewing kit which can be fixed in your purse and won’t occupy too much space.

Let’s build a small sewing kit for the traveling purpose.


So you never know what kind of dress you have to repair when you are in the traveling. Definitely, there are going to be lots of dresses and things in your suitcase and to deal with any situation in terms of sewing, keep 3-4 kinds of needles with you. With the help of best cheap sewing machine for beginners you can repair dress in no time but during the traveling, you have to keep hand sewn needles.

Tips to prepare travel sewing kit

Keep 2 for the thick clothing, 2 for silky clothing and 2 normal needles. You can sew any button or if your clothes are damage from somewhere then you can easily repair them with the help of a suitable needle.


In a small sewing kit, it’s not possible to add all color threads. This is the reason why every sewing kit has a white and black color thread for the emergency purpose. Instead of placing the whole reels in the box, take a small card and create little partitions. In each partition, add threads of different colors so it can save the space.

Another idea you can try for the thread is to use bobbins. You can keep the thread in the different bobbins of different colors and keep them in the sewing kit. Whatever color you want to use, pick that bobbin and use the color. Keep black and white thread because no matter what color you are repairing, you can always use black and white thread.

Small Scissor:

While traveling you don’t have to cut the whole piece of fabric because you don’t have a cutting board, a table, and a measuring tape. Use small scissor for disconnecting the thread from the fabric and for the finishing of the edges after stitching. This small scissor can help you in cutting the thread as well as in small cuttings.

Safety Pins:

Keep safety pins of different sizes in your box. In case you have to pin the fabric for the sewing then safety pins can save your day from the trouble. You can keep small and big safety pins in your box. These pins can do wonders for your sewing work and can help you in fixing your dress precisely. Safety pins are going to keep you safe from the pricking and you can sew anything in peace.

Seam Ripper:

Of course, the seam ripper is also important in a sewing kit as a stitch ripper. What if you have to cut the stitch but you don’t have a right tool and when you are cutting that stitch from the scissor then it’s getting messy. If you will try to pull out the stitch with the help of scissor then this is going to be one of the most unsuccessful attempts and will create trouble for you.

There is absolutely no valid reason why you should not include seam ripper in your kit. At the time of working on your first sewing machine, you always use a seam ripper to undo the stitches. In the same way, hand sewing can go wrong and you may need seam ripper for the stitches. For more information about the best first sewing machines click to read more.

A beginner is working on the sewing machine for the first time


Of course, buttons are the essential part of any sewing kit and you may need them anywhere. Keep different kinds of small buttons in your kit. It’s always important to have some buttons in your hand so you can stitch them right away in your shirt when your old button is not working. It would be great if you will choose the neutrals tones of the buttons.

Neutral tones can be used on any dress and they are perfect for the blouses, shirt, pants, and trousers. Buttons are kind of a backup plan when some dress is odd in fitting and you can fix it by adding a button.

Measuring Tape:

As measuring tape is not that important in the sewing kit when you want to use it for the traveling purpose but you never know when you have to use it. Keep a small measuring tape in your kit so in case of an emergency of you have to fit any dress by measuring your body then there must be something to measure.

Use small measuring tape for this purpose according to your needs. Consider making a small pouch if you think things are not working in a small case. A pouch must be of a size which you can keep in your handbag and things must be secure. The material of the pouch must be thick so needles can stay secure. You can use a small cap on the edge of the needle to keep yourself safe from the pricking.


A perfect traveling kit is a great solution for the problem you can go through while going somewhere. To save yourself from the wardrobe malfunction, keep the kit with you and it will work as a little miracle for you all the time. This small kit is just not essential for yourself but you can help other people as well who are going through the problem regarding their dresses. For more information about the sewing machines as a beginner, you can read How To Find The Best Computerized Sewing Machine For Beginners - Buyer's Guide And Reviews.