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Wedding Bouquets

There are a lot of types and options for wedding bouquets. There are brides who wish to keep the bouquet forever, and they get artificial flowers for this kind of bouquet. But there are also brides that prefer to have a real bouquet made or fresh flowers for this special occasion. If you are searching flowers now, our advice - a plant identification app free.


There are advantages and disadvantages for each of these two options. If you get a real flower bouquet, you must be really careful to make sure the flowers don't die before your event is over. The most important thing is to have the bouquet treated and your florist must know how to do it to keep it fresh and cared. The advantage of having this type of bouquet is that it looks fresh and real and the scent of the flowers adds to the beauty of the occasion. Most of the time, you can tell if the flowers are real, or they are not.


If you get an artificial bouquet, make sure you pick good quality flowers to make it look real and then at the end of your wedding treat the bouquet, so you can keep it forever. It is easier to take care of these types of bouquets, but you must be careful so it doesn't look unreal. Remember that wedding bouquets are very important in your ceremony and reception not just for you but, for the girl who catches it that day.


There are a lot of flowers used for making bouquets such as red, white or pink roses, orchids, sunflowers, lilies, tulips, margaritas, calla lilies and some others. When you pick your bouquet, make sure it is in proportion to your size and it is not too heavy or uncomfortable to be carrying around.


Remember this is a very special day and the less you have to be worrying about, the better you will look. Have fun and enjoy every second, even throwing your bouquet.