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Recently we built a prototype of an Automatic Shading device named as SHADEVICE.

The SHADEVICE moves according to sun’s positions during different times of a day. This required amount of protection from glare is achieved by the movement of branch-like support where the canopy is attached. This movement is based on the amount of solar radiation falling on the particular sides of the surface. Weather data from the local weather station is used to plot the solar radiation chart, and small motors are used to move the branches up and down. An array of such shading devices can be used as a roof for courtyards will act as a micro-climate modifier providing comfort conditions inside the courtyard.

During rainy days, the automatic shading device will be in closed condition. The rainwater will be collected in a tank provided.

During hot-dry months, The automatic shading device will be in closed condition thus preventing the entry of undesired hot wind from the east.

During humid months, automatic shading device opens towards the NW side thus allowing the cool breeze to enter the courtyard.

The prototype was designed primarily by using software Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Ecotect, and Arduino.

The link to the video of the prototype: