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The best online games to play with friends

Entertainment with friends is one of the most indispensable spiritual foods for every human being. Playing  games is also like that. Here, we will introduce you to the best quality online games to help you have the most fun moments when playing with friends.


Moreover, everyone can find more free online action Games  by visiting the link below:


PUBG Mobile



The PUBG mobile graphics are almost equal to the original PUBG .


This game is an excellent opportunity for gamers who love PUBG but do not have the conditions to play it on PC. Part of the reason is that the PC version costs US$29.99  (the mobile version allows you to download for free) and some players computer configuration is not enough to run PC PUBG smoothly. 


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Moreover, the game is not entirely blocked IP in some countries as the previous test. or the iPhone version, just log in with your Facebook account so that you can enjoy the game. You do not have to spend any time for signing up a new account.


Some advantages of PUBG Mobile



Playing PUBG Mobile is not much different from PUBG PC version. If there is a difference, it is only the controls.


- From the moment of creating their character, players can feel the same joy as PUBG on PC.

- Playing PUBG Mobile is not much different from PUBG PC version. If there is a difference, it is only the controls.

- In the game, players will also be dropped from the plane to the map, designed almost the same as in PUBG.


The battle begins in the style of survival. Players will have to survive and defeat all the opponents they encounter.


Developed based on the extremely modern Unreal Engine 4 technology, PUGB Mobile enables players to fully experience the beautiful 3D images, along with monumental explosive effects,  of the the PC version.


In this mobile version, the game will change a little bit on how to play and the game mode, as it focuses on  war underwater and the vehicles move on the surface of the water, such as warships.


Some unique features are only available on PUBG Mobile include: 

- Receiving bonuses when logging in.

- Having mission system.

- Crew.

- Optimizing mapso

- Automatic pick ups.

- Minimize the number of players in each match and replace them with replaced by the Bots.


Players can open gift box every day.


PUBG Mobile is now very popular among mobile gamers. Not only is its name in the hottest game list  for 2017 on PC, but its appeal also comes from vivid graphics which easily match up to those on PC. 


PUBG's action-packed gameplay, highly detailed graphics and lively sounds make this game perfect for seeking gamers. In  terms of weaknesses, it's likely that this game will make it difficult for some low performance mobile devices, or if you set up a high-performance device  then your phone will be hot and the battery will quickly drain. However, for playing PUBG - a master game - completely free, this is not much to ask. 


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