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When the healthy cells in the kidney start to grow out of control, they form a tumour inside the kidney, which results in kidney cancer. Generally, kidney cancer develops in the lining of renal tubules and is known as Renal Cell Carcinoma. Renal tubules help in cleaning the blood in the body and produce urine. The symptoms of kidney cancer are flank pain, blood in urine and a mass or lump in the abdomen. Kidney cancer is a fatal disease and needs to be operated as soon as possible. One can visit Dr. Niren Rao’s urology practice for kidney cancer treatment in Delhi. The clinic is well equipped with advanced medical technology to provide safe cancer treatment. Dr. Niren Rao is a renowned urologist and one of the Kidney Cancer Doctor in Delhi. Majorly surgical treatments are performed to get rid of kidney cancer depending upon the size of the tumour. So, if one is looking to meet a kidney cancer specialist doctor in Delhi they can consult Dr. Niren Rao. Remember healthy kidney is essential for the body to function properly!