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From an idea and a zest to transform and innovate Social sector, it is Hitesh’s insight, dedication, experience and energy that enabled the formation of InoResp to create and execute strategies aligning to the principles of ethics and integrity with innovations for nation building in every aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability.
The core challenge for most CSR companies is increasing costs, lack of innovation as well as hiring and training. It was the realization of this problem that lead Hitesh to help companies in CSR policies and processes fostering growth.
Hitesh with a vast experience in Family Business spread across Healthcare, Education, Electricals and Machinery, Real Estate and Hospitality industry in India; following passion in Educational Coaching and Life Skills Training, in addition he has extensive knowledge in Finance and Investment banking industry.
Hitesh is the solution seeker for every problem faced by the CSR practitioners, an optimistic and bold leader; Other than being Managing Director at Inoresp he is also a founder director and Principal Consultant at Vishwas Foundation. It is his passion and life’s mission to help companies by improving planning and implementation processes that can translate into a HUGE saving of at least 50% of implementation costs!