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Caya Constructs is a company which is bringing innovative products in sanitation and water resource management to the Indian market for social impact. Our company has aligned its work with the SBM’s objective of making India Open Defecation Free by October 2019. Since, 2015 we’ve developed patent-pending factory, made toilet structures, and on-site sanitation units, we’ve also installed them in over 120 cities of the country. Focused on social innovation, our unique factory-based production gives us 100% control over quality by setting standards in the procurement of raw material, toilet structure moulds, and strict quality checks at each stage of production.


Made with minimum M-25 grade Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) Caya toilets are weatherproof, long lasting, built for multiple use, theft free and can be easily installed even within 5-7 days of placing an order. We have been working with several municipal corporations in executing community-based toilet facilities, IHHL, bio-digester, and septic tanks across the country