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Bonk's Adventure


A Gameplay Full Of Nostalgia!

Bonk's Adventure is a typical run-to-the-right game that runs on 2D platformer, although there's not much concentration on jumping over bottomless pits or huge obstacles on your way. Instead, the game launches a lot of enemies at your character, and using the main character’s head, you can take them out. While being on the ground, hitting the attack button will make Bonk use the head-butt technique. While being in the air, hitting the attack button again will cause Bonk to spin around and drop head first, this allows him to dive onto enemies. Once you hit the attack button one more time while in the middle of the air, Bonk will right himself and manage to land on his feet.

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You play the role of Bonk - a caveman

So what does all this spinning do? They have the additional benefit of slowing your descent. So by hitting this button over and over again -or, to be more correct, by using the turbo-fire that is built into the TG-16 - you can air-glide. By constantly floating downward and continuously using the rapid head-spinning method, your character – Bonk – will turn into a floating weapon. This gliding feature makes most part of the game become really easy due to the fact that you can glide through 90 percent of them, no need of interacting with most enemies on the way.

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Bonk’s series of hearts are his life meter. This meter can grow if you find the right power-ups. Meat is one of the other power-up in the game, keep this in mind once you play it. This also makes sense since Bonk, as a caveman, would definitely love meat!


A Game With Multiple Worlds

Although being a super old game, the game still possesses multiple worlds, and each of them has a different number of levels. Due to some weird reason we haven’t known yet, the world number four only has one really short level in it before you face its final boss. Just like other games of the same type, each world ends with a boss fight – in which Bonk will have to fight against a dinosaur that's been corrupted by an eggshell that's latched onto its head.

Princess Za has been captured by King Drool – a dinosaur, and you have to rescue her

Knowing this, you need to bonk the dinosaur’s head until the shell cracks. The cracking of the shell will free them from their lifetime of being manipulated and revealing their awesome haircuts (how cute!). Generally, there are six worlds in the game. In the final world, you will have to fight against the main boss of the game, as known as the evil King Drool. We can ensure that the game is quite easy, and would take most players a couple of hours to complete. In case Bonk’s life meter runs out, you can start again at the beginning of the world you were currently in.


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