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Bhushan O. Kachawe (M. Sc. in Geology & M. Sc. in Environmental Science) is hydrogeologist. His expertise is in hydrology, groundwater and on integrated watershed development & management. He is specialist in surface & groundwater modeling, and supporting strategic and operational decision making for drainage, irrigation and climate impact assessment. He also involved in catchment area treatment (CAT) plan for hilly terrain projects using geo-spatial technology, computer modeling and simulation study. Total eighteen years of experience in hydrogeology and environmental science area, of which five years research / project work experience at ‘National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Nagpur, India. His responsibilities included survey, data collection & interpretation and modeling using analytical instruments and sophisticated technology-based tools including Geographical Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing, Surfer, Rockworks and Modeling Softwares like MODFLOW. These tools reported for Irrigation, CPHEEO, UNICEF, WHO, UNDP, IGBP, AUWSP, World Bank and CSIR sponsored projects. Feasibility and EIA studies carried out for proposed, expansion & developmental projects. He also involved in preparation of master plan and hydrological modeling study for Mumbai sewerage disposal project (MSDP) – stage II, with PHE consultants. Expertise provided for consultancies of mining industries likely water stewardship and phytoremediation of mine waste overburden dump and surface drainage. Additionally, his professional profile includes team leader and project expert capacities. He combines people management with business aspects in the areas of corporate social responsibility. He works for environmental consultant organization as expert on geology, hydrology, groundwater & water conservation and land use for EIA studies. Other studies include: ---- Biomass estimation for Carbon Pool study. River Training & River Bank Protection. Conversation & Restoration of Lake & Wetlands. Ecology & Biodiversity. Geology, Geo-morphology & Seismic Study. Watershed Development & Catchment Area Treatment (CAT) Plan. Rainwater Harvesting. Capacity Building & Sustainable Development. Computer Modeling & Simulation. ---