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What can you do with your Android device’s camera?


Android device users can choose from the following camera applications with rich features, professional shooting modes and advanced editing tools along with many special effects.

Your default camera on your Android device probably isn’t suiting your needs, so, if you’re looking for something a bit more comprehensive, try out these top camera apps that will open up a whole new world of editing tools, effects and fun features. 

Camera 360 Ultimate



Camera 360 Ultimate has a wide range of features, filters, and shooting modes and gives the photographer plenty of tools to quickly edit their photos after taking them. The Basic Effect feature allows for the application of various filters and special effects, as well as special shooting modes such as Tilt-Shift for creating unique "model" looks for the image.

In addition, Camera 360 Ultimate also has a variety of photo templates and capture options. Another noteworthy feature for users who love "self-portrait" shooting is Selfie Camera shooting mode, which comes with a bunch of preset filters to fine tune the skin tone and give you an intuitive, accurate look  before taking a photo.

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Manual Camera

As the name implies, this application will allow you to manually adjust almost all the parameters of the image before shooting, and also has the option to save the image under RAW for later editing. The strength of Manual Camera does not stop there; it is also highly appreciated thanks to its beautiful, intuitive interface, easy to use interface and comes with other software to help users quickly check out their used machines. It is full of handy features available in Android 5.0 and above.

A Better Camera

A Better Camera has many advanced features of a professional photography application such as HDR Camera +, HD Panorama + and Night Camera +. Users can customize the settings such as white balance, focus point and brightness to get a perfect shot. In addition, the application also has a burst mode. In addition to the free version, Almalence also offers many advanced features in the trial version (up to 30 images can be taken) before deciding to buy unlock code for unlimited shots.

AZ camera

This application has the interface and features almost identical to the Manual Camera, but the plus point is that it's free to download (you need to pay to open special features). Its minus point is that it’s quite picky. I tried to search and download from the Play Store but it can only be used on a few high-end and new devices. Even devices like the Xperia Z3 + are not compatible.


VSCO Cam provides users with amazingly flexible image-editing tools and a number of presets and special effects. VSCO Cam's shooting function is actually at a basic level, but this application is highlighted by the image editing features. Users can apply a variety of built-in filters with level adjustment sliders.

VSCO also allows fine-tuning of image saturation, temperature, applying particle effects, shadows, and more. You can purchase additional filter packets with in-app purchases. The application also allows users to share images on a variety of social networking services such as Instagram and Google+, as well as on the VSCO Grid, which is VSCO's own minimalist visual publishing platform.

Mi2Raw Camera

This app is at the bottom of the list because it has less points than the top candidates. In addition to the ability to shoot RAW out of it is too limited equipment, only to use on Xiaomi Mi2, Mi3, LG G2 and OnePlus One.

Manual Camera



Manual Camera takes advantage of the live camera controls introduced in the Camera2 API of Android Lollipop, providing users with nearly all control over manual settings like professional DSLR cameras.

With Manual Camera, you can manually configure the settings when shooting at your own discretion, such as shutter speed, focus distance and exposure compensation. The purpose of the application is to provide professional photographers with as much direct control as possible, so if you just want an easy-to-use application with optimized photos, then  think of Manual Camera.

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Candy Camera

Candy Camera is also one of the top 10 self-portrait Android applications today. Advantages of Candy Camera are the effects used in the form of portrait images, giving users the ability to quickly select the effect that they want to get a photo with the desired color. Besides, with Candy Camera, users can also do photo manipulation such as skin beauty, clear acne, blurring eye circles, create borders for the face, eyebrows or change the color of the hair.

Open Camera

If you are serious about taking pictures on your smartphone, you should take a raw picture. This uncompressed format ensures the absolute best image quality from the camera so that it can be processed in any other way afterwards.

Most modern Android phones support raw photography, but very few camera applications are pre-installed. That means you need a third party application to take advantage of it.

Open Camera is one of the best applications for taking raw photos. It's free, easy to use and has all the features that can be used on the default camera app.

YouCam Perfect

Along with the Candy Camera, YouCam Perfect is also one of the most popular photo-taking applications for Android, so you can take perfect self-shots and do photo editing tasks. YouCam Perfect has some of the most loved features of the ladies, such as makeup (lipstick, eyebrow, facial contour, eyeshadow), leg stretching and tightening of the face.




There are many great ways to turn old Android phones or tablets into multiple use. machines One of the most practical ways is to turn it into a security camera.

Just install the app on your old phone, connect it to Wi-Fi, and locate wherever you want to go. Then install the same app on your new phone to track the action. You can also log in via the web viewer if you want.

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