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Smart Cities Mission: An Overview of Implementation

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The Smart Cities Mission has completed a journey of more than three and a half years since its launch in June 2015. During this period, the cities have faced new challenges and have overcome them to achieve excellent results on ground. This is reflected in reaching a milestone of cumulative issuance of tenders worth more than one lakh crore at the dawn of the new year 2019. 

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary celebrations of Republic Day on January 26, 2019, it is time to invite all the stakeholders involved in the making of Smart cities a part of New India, for participation in the Mission’s journey. The Smart Cities have already constituted City Level Advisory Forums, which are strategic partners of Smart cities for advice and collaboration with various stakeholders. Thus, Smart Cities may organise an event inviting members of City Level Advisory Forum (CLAF) as well as other key stakeholders like representatives of civil society, community institutions, political representatives etc.

During the event, a presentation may be made by the cities on the achievements of the Mission at the national level and the city level. The way ahead for the Mission should also be shared with the stakeholders.

Minutes of the proceedings, along with high resolution photographs of the event may be uploaded January 29, 2019.