We congratulate all participants and winners of Bengaluru design competition for their commendable contribution. The winning teams will now support the city in testing tactical urbanism interventions.

Site A - Winners

1st Place – Sushma Aradhya , Purvi Bhatt Chhadva
2nd Place – Sabitha D Srinath, Shruthi S Shetty 
3rd Place – Prakruthi S Karadagi , Samyukta R, Kriselle Afonso


Site B - Winners

1st Place – Harshitha Mruthyunjaya, Adnan Ameer Saqib 
2nd Place – Suneha Hameed
3rd Place – Radhika V. Bhat , Bindu Marappa 

Key Highlights

As part of the design competition, Bengaluru conducted various activities including walking audit with participants, consultation sessions to resolve queries, and online and offline jury sessions. Engaging with the community is core to the Streets for People Challenge, and the competition has been a great way to crowdsource designs for the people, by the people.