State: Delhi
Population: 2.18 Crore people
City area: 42.7 km sq
Pilot location: Lodi Colony

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New Delhi’s pilot project combines safety, convenience, and experience to test cycling infrastructure, gather learnings, and expand it across the city. Through a one-of-its-kind pop-up Cycle Plaza, the city transformed a part of the Lodhi Gardens neighbourhood into a recreational space for cyclists and pedestrians. It created pop-up cycle lanes, shared streets, and safer roundabouts along the cycling corridor. The plaza also hosted interactive discussions with cyclists through interviews and the ‘Stick Your Story’ board.

The project was self-funded by NDMC as part of its commitment to provide safe and comfortable avenues to cycle. SmartBike Mobility provided dedicated cycles at PBS facilities along the route, staff for cycle training and active social media outreach.”

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