Smart City Mission

The Smart City Mission (SCM) was launched by the Government of India in June 2015 with the aim of improving the quality of lives of all its urban citizens.

Described as ‘Mission Transform-Nation’ by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, the SCM is an ambitious initiative which is meant to transform 100 Indian cities into sustainable centres of economic activity with an improved quality of life to all citizens in all respects.

One of the key objectives of the SCM is to execute projects that provide core infrastructure and give a good quality of life to citizens, create a clean and sustainable environment and promote application of ‘Smart’ Solutions.

The focus is on sustainable and inclusive development and the idea is to look at compact areas and create a replicable model which will act like a light house to other areas in the city and other aspiring cities.

The SCM aims to set examples that can be replicated both within and outside the Smart City, catalysing the creation of similar Smart Cities in other regions and parts of the country.

The total investment proposed in the 100 Smart Cities is INR 2,05,018 crores (approx. USD 31 billion).

The SCM is underlined by multiple game changing interventions in the usual planning and implementation practices in India cities. These are-

  • Strategic Planning
  • Collaborative Competition
  • Special Purpose Vehicle
  • Convergence
  • Demand Driven
  • Learning and Replicability

The proposed initiative ‘Program to fund Smart City projects through a Challenge Process’ is designed to leverage additional funding for innovative projects under the Smart City Mission.