Key Activities

Financial and technical support is operationalized through:

City Innovation Challenge

  • Up to 15 projects will be selected through this challenge

  • Each of the awarded projects will benefit from a grant ranging from INR 20Cr. to INR 80 Cr.

  • Grant is expected to cover from minimum 50% up to 80% of the project cost, subject to a maximum of INR 80 Cr.

  • Additional funding amounting to at least 20% shall be secured by the applicant SPV through its own resources.

Tailor-made Mentorship Program

  • A dedicated Mentor will be appointed to each awarded CITIIS project for the project duration.

  • The appointed Mentor will work on a regular basis with the SPV CEOs and their teams to handhold them through the “maturation” and implementation of the awarded projects.

  • Mentors will also support SPVs to develop tools and initiatives to address the governance issues linked to partnership, public participation and urban innovation.